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Cast Stone Fountain Installation

Concrete pads are recommended for larger fountains. Otherwise, install over compacted, level soil and 1" of sand.  
Fountain Set-up & Care Instructions PDF  
Fountains come with a re-circulating pump and are fully self contained. Pumps require a 110 V grounded outlet and draw very low amperage. Add water and the pump recycles the same water. Fountain components are held together by gravity. Excessive weight such as by sitting, leaning or climbing on, may cause them to fall. Pump panels should be kept accessible. Cementing or gluing components is not recommended.  
Cast Stone Fountain Care and Cleaning  
  Change the water frequently and keep the water level maintained.
  Occasional cleaning is recommended. Keep free of debris.
  Do not allow water to freeze in the bowls or pump.
  Use a fountain water treatment chemical, such as Fountec, to avoid algae growth.
  Do not use chlorine and/or bleach for water treatment.
  Cleaning is best accomplished with mild soap and water.
  In some cases, a degreaser or paint remover may be used.
  Any treatment should be tested on a small area prior to cleaning the entire unit.
  Avoid power washing, sandblasting or abrasives as they will damage the finish.
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